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You, too, can be a Brand by PKD Nambiar. Book Review

Competitive world brings certain things which never required an individual to be present and exposed to the situations as much as he is now. These days each person needs to be there in a place wherein he or she can market themselves and put them in a position to call themselves a brand. Everyone who is successful these days is regarded as a brand, a person maybe an actor but the way he lives, the way he talks and the way he influences the society makes him a brand, the same goes for an entrepreneur, for a businessman, CEO etc! In today's world if you are regarded as a brand, you are the definition of success, you are the one who can sell or make the sales happen! If I looked closely all such things seemed to not matter that much, but with the ever changing situations, I feel that these things have started to matter a lot as the image of any product or company deeply depends on the person who endorses it. Everything said is fine! But how can someone become a brand? What are the steps? What's the procedure? Well the book’ “You too can be a brand” by PKD Nambiar can help you a lot in it! But let’s first get acquainted with the author. Armed with over 20 years of experience as an Entrepreneur, Marketing Strategist and Political Analyst, PKD Nambiar, Managing Director & CEO, Flags Communications and Chairman, B-Square Group of Companies is a name to reckon with in the industry. He is also renowned as a start-up turn around & growth specialist in the corporate sector. Furthermore, he is a sharp communication strategist for the SME sector. He has addressed various prominent political debates, forums, colleges & corporates across the country. He shares his valuable opinions on political, social and business issues. He has appeared on numerous news channels, including NDTV 24x7, CNN News 18, News X, Times Now, CNBC, India News, India Ahead, etc. Some of his well-known programs include 'New Age Leadership', 'The Brand You', 'You too can be an Entrepreneur.' (As per his website )

Moving on to the book, it goes in more like an answer book to certain questions which need to be answered if an individual is aiming to create and position themselves in the highly competitive market. The book answers questions which one may face as a situation in this course of making them a brand and also puts examples in a creative way that particularly an Indian may relate! While going through the book I realised that the way the author has actually put out examples is literally from the surroundings, then whether it is taking examples from political scenarios, automobiles, or even sports! There has been thorough research and a great observation of the surroundings which do actually make this book easy to understand, as well as a lot more relatable. The language is very simple, there aren’t any words which one would find very difficult to understand. You won’t be going through a patch wherein you find that you are away from the flow of the topic! Another thing which I appreciate about this book is how the author has ended each chapter! He not only has mentioned takeaways, but also the takeaways are in the form of examples from the same chapter. Each chapter starts with a quote from the top “brands” then whether it is Richard Branson or Seth Godin! Each chapter of this book keeps you engaged in itself, and when you reach the end of the chapter, you realise putting yourself as a brand isn’t that hard, but it certainly requires a process which you can find here. The book motivates you to actually be a brand. To summarise, I would say that the book is an amazing motivator and a guide, which can certainly generate the fire in an individual to bring out a brand out of him which is lost or hidden. For me three words for this book would be - powerful, influential and guiding.


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