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Why Am I Like This? Exploring Self-Discovery through Psychology and Astrology. Book Review

Why am i Like this? A Journey Into Psychological Astrology

Author Judy Balan

Non Fiction

Published by Simon & Schuster India

304 Pages

MRP: Rs. 499/-

Thank you Simon & Schuster India for a media copy of the book!

"Why Am I This Way?" explores the author's own experiences, tracing her journey from childhood to her active pursuit of psychology. The book delves into her unique and parapsychic encounters, as well as her "disproportionate reactions'' to life events that challenge her sense of self. Through captivating storytelling, the author explains the fascinating field of psychology and its connection to personal experiences.

Before diving into the book, let's get to know the author, Judy Balan. She is the author of several books, including "Two Fates: The Story of My Divorce," "Sophie Says: Memoirs of a Breakup Coach," and "How to Stop Your Grownup From Making Bad Decisions." Judy Balan's writing spans across various mediums, and she has previously blogged at Woman and a Quarter.

"The book serves as a mirror for readers to examine the fascinating field of Jungian psychology. It delves into the unconscious aspects of the astrological tapestry, exploring archetypes, complexes, and myths. The book offers a comprehensive overview of the Natal Chart and deciphers the significance of complexes, projections, planets, signs, and other elements in a well-organized narrative."

"Why Am I Like This?" surprised me as a reader who was unfamiliar with this genre. It stands out as an outstanding pursuit, providing profound insights into self-discovery and a comprehensive understanding of the intricate details that shape our lives. The book goes beyond typical self-help literature and combines elements of memoir, mythology, Jungian philosophy, and astrology in a novel way.

The author discusses the lack of guidance and curriculum in our lives in the chapter titled "Why Don't I Come with an Instruction Manual (And Other Questions)" and invokes fond childhood memories. The book further delves into the concept of the natal chart and its association with oneself. Represented by the zodiacal wheel and its signs, the natal chart becomes an invaluable tool for self-understanding.

"Exploring the Secrets Within: An Excursion of Self-Revelation" perfectly encapsulates the essence of "Why Am I Like This?" This chapter illuminates the path to self-discovery by combining personal narratives, psychological investigation, and cosmic wisdom. The book takes readers on a mesmerizing journey, uncovering additional opportunities and sharing unfathomable stories that contribute to personal growth.

To summarize the book, "Why Am I Like This?" is a great starting point for those unfamiliar with the realms of psychology and astrology. It offers an accessible introduction to these subjects and helps readers understand why they are the way they are. The book combines readability with depth, making it an enjoyable and informative read. Kudos to the author for creating such an engaging work!

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