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The World of "Expedition to an Alternate Swarajya" by Pranav Gogwekar : A Book Review

Book Review: Expedition to an Alternate Swarajya


Expedition to an Alternate Swarajya, penned by Pranav Gogwekar, is a thrilling blend of alternate history, espionage, and suspense. Set in an uncolonized Indian subcontinent, the novel takes readers on an exhilarating journey through time and parallel universes.

Plot Summary

The story kicks off with Prism Science Inc., an enigmatic organization, assembling an extraordinary team for a daring mission. Their objective? To prevent their nemesis, Castle Corp, from altering the timeline. However, instead of landing in the future, they find themselves in an alternate present—one where the Indian subcontinent never experienced British colonial rule.

The Alternate Universe

In this uncharted reality, the Indian subcontinent evolved into a group of modern nations, each with its unique history and dynamics. The absence of British colonization led to divergent paths, resulting in a rich tapestry of cultures, politics, and alliances. The author masterfully paints this alternate world, immersing readers in its complexities.

The Protagonists

Our heroes—Deepika Rao, Jessica Bannerjee, Harish Naidu, Ganesh Patel, and Rajveer Rathore—form an eclectic team. Each character brings distinct skills and perspectives to the table. Their chemistry and camaraderie drive the narrative forward, making them relatable and endearing.

1. Deepika Rao: The physicist with a penchant for unraveling mysteries.

2. Jessica Bannerjee: The brilliant researcher who deciphers ancient texts.

3. Harish Naidu: The strategist who navigates political intrigues.

4. Ganesh Patel: The skilled surgeon who heals both bodies and secrets.

5. Rajveer Rathore: The enigmatic spy with hidden depths.

The Antagonists

Castle Corp, led by CEO Eric Noble, serves as the primary adversary. Their alliance with the organization Suvarna Shakti threatens the stability of the subcontinent. As the Prism team races against time, they must decipher Noble's intentions and thwart the impending coup.

Alliances and Secrets

The Prism team allies with "The Council," a clandestine society dedicated to preserving the subcontinent's fragile equilibrium. Meanwhile, they gain the trust of the government of the Federal States—a regional power descended from the Maratha Empire. The intricate web of alliances, double agents, and hidden agendas keeps readers guessing.


- Identity and Nationhood: The novel explores what it means to belong to a nation untouched by colonialism. Characters grapple with their identities and loyalties.

- Temporal Consequences: The ripple effects of historical changes reverberate throughout the narrative. Choices made in the past shape the present and future.

What i Particularly did'nt like

  • I know we aren't supposed to judge a book by its cover and i am not doing that, just the opposite actually. I am judging the cover by the book. I am just saying that the cover does not do justice to the contents of the book, while a flag of the Swarajya is appealing enough, the author could have taken a more creative route.

Writing Style and Pacing

Gogwekar's prose is crisp, evocative, and laced with wit. The pacing keeps readers engaged, with well-timed revelations and cliffhangers. The blend of scientific jargon, historical references, and speculative elements adds depth.


Expedition to an Alternate Swarajya is a thought-provoking adventure that transcends genres. It invites readers to ponder the fragility of history and the power of choices. Whether you're a fan of alternate history or simply love a gripping tale, this book deserves a spot on your reading list.

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