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Unlocking Financial Freedom: A Journey with Deepak Mullick's 1% Formula

Gain Your Financial Freedom with the 1% Formula

Author: Deepak Mullick

Genre: Finance

Published by Rupa Publications

Pages: 200

MRP: Rs. 295/=

Thank you @rupa_publications for a review copy of the book.


In his enlightening book, "Gain Your Financial Freedom with the 1% Formula," Deepak

Mullick ventures into the crucial realm of financial independence, a concept that resonates

with individuals navigating the complexities of adulthood, self-sufficiency, and family

responsibilities. The pursuit of financial freedom, an ever-trending aspiration, is not merely a

desire but an indispensable component for a content and fulfilling life. Mullick, the author,

undertakes the ambitious task of unravelling the intricacies surrounding this topic, offering

insights and answers to the myriad questions that often plague those seeking financial



Mullick's narrative unfolds across ten comprehensive chapters, each contributing to the

reader's understanding of the 1% formula and its potential to liberate one from the shackles

of financial constraints. The journey commences with the author sharing his personal story, a

narrative that paints a vivid picture of Mullick's triumph over financial burdens, achieved at

the age of 45. This personal touch establishes a relatable foundation for readers, setting the

tone for the practical wisdom that follows.


The second chapter challenges the preconceived notion that financial success is reserved

for financial wizards or those deeply entrenched in intricate financial instruments. Mullick

asserts that a fundamental understanding of financial principles, coupled with a disciplined

approach, is the key to achieving one's financial goals. This refreshing perspective

demystifies the intimidating facade of financial success, making it accessible to a broader



As Mullick delves deeper into the intricacies of financial freedom, he addresses the

importance of decoding the share market in the third chapter. Here, the author not only

imparts knowledge about the stock market but also delves into the reader's psychological

state, exploring the critical role of a positive money mindset. This psychological shift

becomes a pivotal component of Mullick's approach, emphasising the symbiotic relationship

between financial discipline and mental well-being.


The subsequent chapters navigate through various aspects of life that impact financial

freedom, from housing and living costs to dietary habits and lifestyle choices. Mullick

emphasises the simplicity of his formula while highlighting the necessity of discipline, control

over one's mind, intuition, and attention to detail. The clarity in his explanations makes the

complex subject matter accessible to readers at various stages of their financial journey.


The heart of Mullick's methodology is unveiled in the sixth chapter, where he expounds upon

the 1% formula. Despite its simplicity, Mullick stresses the importance of a disciplined

approach and underscores the need for individuals to tailor the formula to their specific

needs. The seventh chapter further solidifies this personalised approach, recognizing the

diverse financial goals individuals may have, whether saving for a wedding, education,

retirement, or navigating the uncertain terrain of a student contemplating their future.


A note of caution is sounded in the eighth chapter, where Mullick addresses the significance

of diversification, buffering, and emergency funds. This prudent advice ensures a safe and

comprehensive strategy for achieving financial freedom. The penultimate chapter concludes


Mullick's insightful journey with the "10 Commandments of Wealth Building," encapsulating

the essence of his financial philosophy.


In conclusion, "Gain Your Financial Freedom with the 1% Formula" is a commendable guide

for those seeking a pragmatic approach to financial independence. Deepak Mullick's

conversational and easily digestible style, coupled with real-world examples and personal

anecdotes, makes this book an invaluable resource. Whether you are a seasoned investor

or a novice in financial matters, Mullick's 1% formula offers a beacon of hope and practicality

in the pursuit of a financially liberated and fulfilled life.


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