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These INDIC Books are a Must Read!

Hello all, Hope you had a wonderful 2022. As the year comes to an end i wrote this listicle about some of the books that i received from the Indic Book Club that i did read but did not get a chance to write about previously. I did write about the books Veer Savarkar by Uday Mahulkar and Magicians of Mazda by Ashwin Sanghi that i did receive from the team and also got a chance to write about. Extremely grateful for the team for the opportunity.

1) Maxims from Mahabharata

Author: Sridhar Potaraju

Published by Indica Books

Price: Rs. 199/-

Less than a 100 Pages but dont let the length of the book fool you. Its quite impactful. The book has a compilations of various shloka’s from the Mahabharata, with its English Translation and interpretation )but not limited to just that).Each maxim is preceded by a brief description that provides context for when and where it was said, as well as who said it to whom. This presentation structure assists the reader in understanding the reasoning behind the stated verse in a given time and place. The author started working on the book when he noticed the stark absence of any significant reading materials based on Indian Maxims, given India is the oldest civilisation, and its epics having contributed greatly to the world in large.

The book is divided into several chapters, from Dharma, Truth to Nature, Faith to Mental Health and the Power of Words.

A very powerfull and handy book.

Purchase Link:

2)Resurgent Bharat and Other Issues

Author: Jay Bhattacharjee

Published by Garuda Prakashan’

MRP: Rs. 549/-

Jay Bhattacharjee is a renowned columnist who has been writing columns since the mid 90’s to present day. This book is a collection of such column’s which are still very relevant. The column include essays and reviews. Each column seems to convey a single message that India has undergone a major change- one that is merely wedded to the fortunes of its two major political Parties the BJP and the INC and their allied organisations. The essays are divided into several different topics such as Indic Civilisation, Resurgent India, International Politics , Judiciary, Military and several other topics. Many of them have achieved the objective for which they were originally written.The aim of the book is to give readers the opportunity to go through the entire gamut under one cover.

My personal essays include (and the ones you must read , they are available on the internet in case you do not wish to purchase the book)

Purchase Link:

3)Rivers of Rgveda: A Geographic Exploration

Author: Jijith Nadumuri Ravi

Published by Notion Press

MRP: Rs. 499/-

To be completely candid, i had a hard time picking up this book. Not because of the contents, but because of my general interest in the topic and the language used. It did take me a while but i did manage to pick up the book. I am not much of a geography reader. Geo-politics yes. Geography Exploration , no. Then to my surprise that the book indeed turn out to be very fascinating, with the author exploring various rivers, their History and significance.

The colonial perspective on the past has left us with a tainted legacy. The author has struck a delicate balance, and most of his arguments appear logical and convincing. Skepticism is essential in the scientific approach, and more research is undoubtedly required for anyone to develop a more nuanced viewpoint. The book is divided into three sections. Chapters 1–8 provide an overview of the relevant components of Rig Vedic text — composer poets, patrons, devatas, rivers, and regions mentioned. Chapters 9–33 delve deeply into each river, recording all inferences that we can. The findings are summarised in Chapters 34–36.

The book takes a methodical and systematic approach, which is uncommon in books on Indology or Vedic studies, which are typically written by academicians and scholars with backgrounds in the humanities or literature. Jijith, as a scientist and engineer, has added rigour to the book, which has increased its appeal.

Purchase Link:

4)Sing Dance and Pray.

Author: Hindol Sengupta

Published by Penguin India

MRP: Rs. 599/-

Both the person being written about, Sri Srila Padhupada Ji and the Biographer Shri Hindol Sengupta Ji are quite well=known. The former having founded ISCKON and the latter being a very well respected historian and journalist.

Srila Prabhupada's teachings drew everyone from writer-poet Allen Ginsberg to The Beatles' lead guitarist George Harrison — as well as millions of followers in over 100 countries. Furthermore, Prabhupada's story is about a critical period in East-West interaction, not just religious history. His story is an incredible piece of history, a turning point in India's history, a moment when the efforts of a single man changed global opinion about India and Hinduism in many ways.

To be completely candid once again, I was skeptical to cover this book, given the controversies surrounding the ISKCON Foundation and Srila Prabhupada. But having given the book a chance, i have no doubt remaining whatsoever.

According to the book, Srila Prabhupada's life "should be considered above and beyond the legacy and history of ISKCON" in more than one way.

This is due to the fact that he "was the most influential Vaishnava spiritual leader to emerge in the twentieth century; the scale of his influence in the Western world can be considered more expansive than that of Swami Vivekananda in promoting Hinduism around the world, even though the ISKCON movement does not yet have a history as long as Vivekananda's Ramakrishna Mission," according to the author.

Srila Prabhupada's journey was not one of exceptional talent or precocity, but rather one of perseverance and faith. Despite facing challenges and distractions in building and managing a global movement, he remained focused on his spiritual goals and recognized the importance of balancing the practical tasks with a dedication to seeking the divine.

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