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The Power of Humility: A Guide to Effective Leadership and Personal Growth

The Power of Humility: How Humble High Achievers are Rewriting the rules of Leadership

Author: PV Ramana Murthy

Genre: Leadership

Published by HarperBusiness (An Imprint of HarperCollins India)


MRP: Rs. 699/-

Thank you @harpercollinsin for a review copy of the book

When we gaze around us, humbleness, or being humble is a trait which is getting eliminated

or removed from the lives of people. These days being humble to someone or being humble

in general is rare. Open this sentence would not be applied in the personal or individual life,

it is fully applicable to the corporate world or in general the life outside the personal space.

When we see the world around us today, the competition has grown to a certain level where

there is no turning back, this competition would go on and on increasing and people would

be there to always challenge you and to go at the top spot. Leaving you behind. Leaders

need to be strict, Leaders need to be the people who are taking decisions and making things go in a successful direction. But often we see that, in such situations or such conditions, the temperament of a leader tends to go from being humble to their employees to being rude.

There must be some underlying cause to it, there must be some situation to it; but as a

leader, who has to make changes to the world, bring laurels to the company, must keep

himself humble and calm at times. There are several reasons behind it, there are certain

benefits to it and also there are certain necessities for this approach. Well, all such things

are discussed in this book called “The power of humility.” The book is authored by PV

Ramana Murthy, who is a Mumbai-based advisor and consultant to the CEOs boards and

corporations. He has a rich experience in the corporate world and is aiming to make a

positive impact in this world by helping the leaders incorporate transformation through

development, culture, change, coaching and integrated talent management practices. Now

let’s dive into the contents of the book, and understand what it aims at delivering. The book

is divided into two parts. Each part discusses the certain aspects of leadership and why

being humble or what the power of humility actually is. The first part is about the framework

for humility which talks about mindset possibilities, light heartedness, evolution and intensity.

It also covers the points for topics like emotional connect, gratitude and mindful excellence.

The second part talks about developing humble high achiever’s and helping leaders to

change. Both the parts on their grounds Have their own importance as each one discusses

deeply why all these things are necessary and why these things need to be implemented by

a leader who wishes to create an impact not only among his employees but into a corporate

world where he stands out and is represented not only himself, but the company. One of the

things which I like the most about this book is the graphical illustrations that have been given

from time to time, and also the stories of other big leaders which fit into this frame of

humbleness, who had nil arrogance and ego is am or even if they had they had to face the

consequences and how they turned it around and how and where they are now. The lessons

learnt from a practical situation tend to stay in our mind for a longer time and are easy to

implement because we understand the reality of that situation. This is what the book has

offered in a good way to its readers, and that’s what my perspective to this book is. When

someone reads this book, He would be able to understand any situation from multiple points of view and it would be very helpful to him. Not only while they make a decision which is important for themselves but also where they work.

To summarise, I would say that this book is strongly recommended for the people who are aiming to be a leader at their positions and if not, it is also for someone who wishes to change themselves, stop being arrogant and create good relations with not only peers but also within oneself. If I had to describe this book into three words, I would say – influential, value-building and easy.

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