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The American Roommate Experiment (The Spanish Love Deception #2) Book Review

Author: Elena Armas

Published and distributed in India by Simon and Schuster

Genre: Romantic Comedy

No of Pages: 400

MRP: 499/-

I thank @simonandschusterin for providing a media copy of the book!

Hello all, I am Sakshi Dixit, the new contributor at Keetabi Keeda. I'll be focusing primarily on Romantic Comedy and Poetry literature. I am a sucker for a good rom com and that brings us to the topic at hand.

While Rose is on her honeymoon with Aaron, her best friend Lina (a character from book 1) moves into her apartment. Rose doesn't inform Lina that her ceiling has collapsed and that she needs a place to stay. Lucas, Lina's attractive cousin who also resides in her flat, enters the building. How did this confusion occur? Could this Lucas be the one Rose has been snooping on Instagram? Was that the person she had hoped would attend Lina and Aaron's wedding?

Lucas gives up his love and profession of surfing while taking a sabbatical. As the narrative progresses, we discover the cause of his abrasive damage.

I liked Elana Armas' earlier book more. Lucas was overly accommodating and available in my opinion. Other than being available to meet his "roommate's" needs, he had nothing to contribute. It was too cringeworthy to relate the phrase "I can't fall in love, but I'll take you on a bunch of dates" to the subject at issue.

The connection lacked foundation, and Rose came off as desperate. She was already deeply enamored with him and had stalker-like tendencies because she knew more about his life thanks to social media. This book also lacked a bit of the swoon factor that the first one had

How much of a tale can you tell with two characters living together, I wondered as I read the book. The ancillary tales, particularly Rose's relatives, were inadequate. It would have been more intriguing if she had spent more time on her family relationships and less time on her writer's block.


1) Plot: 3/5

2) Character Arcs: 3/5

3) Language/Writing Style:4/5

4) How much did I enjoy reading the book: 3/5

Keetabi Keeda Rating: 3.25/5

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