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Ruskin Bond and Short Stories, Who can say no to that?

The Last Tiger: My Favorite Animal Stories Author: Ruskin Bond Published by Aleph Book Company Collection Of Short Stories Pages: 248 MRP: Rs. 599/-

Thank you Aleph Book Company for a media copy of the book.

Ruskin Bond's The Last Tiger: My Favorite Animal Stories is an engaging collection of stories that celebrate the beauty of nature and the wit and charm of Bond's signature style. This compilation of stories takes readers on a journey to the wilds of the Himalayas, where they will come face to face with some of the most dangerous and majestic creatures that exist in the wild.

The stories in the book are mostly set in India, and many of the characters in the stories are animals native to the region. Bond paints a vivid portrait of the many creatures of India, from leopards and tigers to monkeys and birds, creating stories that are both informative and captivating. The stories also provide insight into the relationship between humans and animals, and the themes of friendship, loyalty and courage are explored beautifully.

The title story introduces a cunning tiger who survives every attempt on his life. From 'Those Three Bears' and 'The Eyes of the Eagle' to 'Tigers for Dinner', readers can expect thrilling and dangerous encounters in the wild. 'Guests Who Come in from the Forest', 'Panther's Moon', 'The Leopard', and 'Song of the Forest' bring the wildlife of the Himalayas to life, immersing readers in realistic and unforgettable scenarios. Aside from the thrills of the wild, The Last Tiger also introduces readers to a series of unique pets and their adventures. A friendly baby elephant, a sullen cassowary, owls who grow fond of spaghetti, and a narcissistic python who loves his own reflection are just some of the individualistic characters that readers will come across. Bond's stories are known for their ability to transport readers to unique and faraway places, as well as to impart lessons of life. In his collection, Bond deals with themes such as friendship, courage, and happiness, making many of his stories memorable and powerful. Bond's ability to bring life to his characters and stories, along with his imaginative and vivid descriptions, are what make his stories unforgettable.

The writing style of the book is simple and easy to read. Bond’s language is precise and uncluttered, and his words flow effortlessly, creating a captivating and immersive narrative. He has a knack for bringing out the personalities of the animals he writes about, making them seem almost human.

The stories in the book range from humorous to dramatic, but all of them are enjoyable to read. Bond’s writing is full of wit and charm, and his vivid descriptions of the Indian landscape and its wildlife make it easy to visualise the stories being told.

The Last Tiger is an entertaining and captivating book that will be loved by Ruskin Bond's fans and those with a passion for the natural world. The tales of wild creatures and their eccentric pets will thrill, delight, terrify, and entertain readers, making this book a must-read.

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