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Mastering Spontaneous Speaking: A Review of Matt Abrahams' 'Think Faster, Talk Smarter'

Think Faster, Talk Smarter: How to Speak Successfully when you're put on the Spot

Author: Matt Abrahams


Published by Pan Macmillan India

Pages: 244

MRP: Rs. 799/-

Thank you Pan Macmillan India for a Media Copy of the book.

"The whole world is sitting with one camera" and you are like "Look, my dress is nice, isn't it?"

Think Faster, Talk Smarter: How to Speak Successfully when you're put on the Spot

is one such book that will teach you how to speak spontaneously and remain measured when suddenly put in front of the camera.

How many times has it happened that we are randomly identified in a Q&A session or informal gathering and the spotlight is put on us - and we panic! Spontaneous speaking can be quite challenging and scary. But in Matt Abrahams' book, those techniques have been described that will prepare you for comfortable and confident spontaneous speaking.

Abrahams first deals with all of our anxiety and how it can be reduced, starting from mindfulness and breathing techniques to positive self-talk and avoiding jargon. The point is clear - if you are anxious then you will be distracted and have trouble connecting with your audience. So calming your mind first is essential.

Then Abrahams teaches how to embrace our spontaneity by leaving perfectionism. According to him, there is no 'right' or 'perfect' way in spontaneous speaking - there are only better and worse ways. The less we judge ourselves and just keep connecting, the better it is. The pursuit of perfection kills our creativity and increases our anxiety.

In the next chapters, Abrahams advises changing our mindset - such as facing every interaction as an opportunity in principle, with curiosity and growth mindset. Then he teaches focusing on listening, because if we do not listen then how will we know what our audience wants? Structure is also very important - like What-So What-Now What - because it organizes us and makes it easy for our audience to follow. And finally he talks about focus - precision, relevance, simplicity and being concise. Because talking more does not help, just engage the audience.

Abrahams' Think Faster, Talk Smarter is very practical and applicable. In the latter half of the book, he provides structures for specific situations like giving feedback, pitching ideas, handling Q&A, etc. For every scenario he gives proven formulas that can make you a confident and articulate spontaneous speaker whether it's giving a toast or apologizing to someone.

I myself have used these techniques in conferences and with my students and have seen that they are quite effective. Whether you are an introvert or anxious about public speaking, with these tools you can reduce your fears and inhibitions and easily contribute in social settings. And whether it is spontaneous or prepared, your communication will only land with clarity and focus - Think Faster, Talk Smarter teaches just that.

So if you also sometimes panic with spontaneous speaking, or if you fall in the category of people who speak nonsense like poison, then this book is perfect for you. With this you can learn how to instantly connect in a structured and focused way that will come in handy every day of life - be it a meeting or a wedding party. With Think Faster, Talk Smarter you will have a toolkit ready for spontaneous speaking!

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