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Managing Career Breaks and Returning with Greater Success. Reboot by Isaac John Book Review

Reboot:How To Manage Career Breaks and Return with Greater Success

Author: Isaac John

Published by HarperBusiness (An Imprint of HarperCollins India)

Genre: Non-Fiction/ Self Help

Pages: 167

MRP: Rs. 399/-

Thank you @harpercollinsin for a media copy of the book.

Not every story is a smooth running fairy tale, there’s always something that happens on the negative side, there is always a story which makes someone have a break, or put them in a situation wherein they don’t know what is the future in terms of career and how they are going to make a return. Success for such cases is always a prime focus and no one really knows what is going to happen, and what would be the consequences. A lot of times the reason for such stages wherein one has to take a career break is something unpredictable, one might get fired, another one might have a situation wherein some unfortunate events made him lose his job.

The author Issac John is a well versed professional in this domain, he has put himself in the position of being the Marketing head for PUMA India for 4 years. He is a regular contributor to the famous magazines like Mint Lounge, Filtercopy, Maxim etc. He puts forward himself as a consumer marketing professional turned into an author. Well, to go about the book, one can say that it is a professional hand out to people who have faced such situations in their career lifes. After pandemic, such situations have been common, wherein people have landed themselves in places wherein they don’t know what and how to manage such situations. Often it makes them take steps in the wrong direction and can also be fatal sometimes if not for life then surely for their careers. Well, we are always curious about if the person writing all such comeback stuff did actually ever belong to that part or phase of life. The author himself has faced this decision and taken notes and compiled them well enough to do the right thing.

What does this book provide you as an individual? Well it’s the right idea of what things you sign up for once you are in the zone of no having the career you wished for. The book tells you what happens when the break for the career hits you which is something only a few can define. It can be also seen that the book not only tells you what happens when there are breakages in the career it also tells you why you can normalise taking a break in the career and how you can actually succeed with it. There is a constant flow of information to real experiences defining what good and bad can happen with these career breaks. Certainly one needs to stand on their toes, to tell them that these are the situations and I need to fight them in a certain way in order to find the right direction to my life as well as career. Reboot not only makes you recharged with energy, it also makes one understand what the world oriented to careers actually is!

How it defines certain areas of life, and how it basically works! And in its counter, how a human should act, to make it better. As far as books, majorly self help books are concerned, I have always found the reviews to be segregated in sections wherein everything is specific, but herein I found that the book is compiled in such a way, that it creates a flow of understanding about the topic. Certainly someone going through the thoughts of taking a break, or forcefully/unfortunately on a break should read it to understand, analyse and implement their situation. To summarise, I would say it's an easy read. Simply being able to understand the content might be the right characteristic. And surely, Reboot makes you learn about how to manage career breaks and then find success! Appreciation to the author.

In case you want to purchase the book, do purchase from this link, it will help us out.


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