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Mahadevi: Exploring the Hidden Depths of Divine Femininity in Ancient Hindu Scriptures

Mahadevi: The Unseen Truth Behind Existence

Written by Priyanka Sharma Kaintura

Genre: Ancient Hindu Scriptures

Published by Rumour Books

Pages: 287

MRP: 299/-


“I am Kaali. I am Kushmanda. I am Aadi Shakti,

Parashakti. I am Durga. I am Chamunda. I am the

feminine zero energy, endless and unborn. You can simply

understand me as the Mula Prakriti, the cause of all nature.

The prakriti that you can touch, feel, and see around you.

Or the prakriti that you can only visualize outside your

sight and reach, beyond your planet. I am the mother of all

existences there are”.


Mahadevi: The Unseen Truth Behind Existence by Priyanka Sharma Kaintura is a book that attempts to retell the story of the mother goddess, the supreme energy that pervades the universe, and her various manifestations and roles in the creation, preservation, and destruction of the worlds. The book is divided into two parts: the first part narrates the stories of the nine forms of Devi from ancient Hindu texts, while the second part presents nine contemporary stories that depict the same forms of Devi in today’s times. The book is a blend of ancient History, philosophy, and fiction, and aims to separate myth from mythology and reveal the unseen truth behind existence.

The Good:

  • The book is well-researched and draws from various sources such as the Puranas, the Vedas, the Upanishads, and other scriptures. The author has a good command over the language and the subject matter, and presents the stories in a lucid and engaging manner.

  • The book is not a mere retelling of the ancient Hindu stories, but a reinterpretation and a reimagining of them. The author adds her own insights, perspectives, and creativity to the stories, and makes them relevant and relatable to the modern reader. The book also explores the themes of feminism, spirituality, morality, and justice, and challenges the stereotypes and misconceptions about the goddess and her devotees.

  • The book is a feast for the senses, as the author describes the scenes, the characters, and the emotions with vivid details and imagery. The book also uses various literary devices such as metaphors, similes, alliterations, and personifications, to enhance the beauty and the impact of the narration. The book also incorporates some verses and hymns from the scriptures, which add to the authenticity and the charm of the stories.

  • The book is a balanced mix of the ancient and the modern, the divine and the human, the sublime and the mundane. The book shows how the goddess is present in every aspect of life, and how she influences and inspires the people who worship her or encounter her. The book also shows how the goddess adapts and evolves with the changing times, and how she responds to the challenges and the crises that the world faces.

  • In the second part of the book, where modern-day narratives intersect with ancient history, the author explores the nine forms of the goddess Devi. These forms represent different aspects of feminine power and energy. Each form has its unique symbolism and significance, ranging from fierce warrior-like qualities to nurturing and protective attributes. Through these forms, the book delves into profound philosophical themes related to creation, divinity, and the cyclical nature of existence as perceived in Hindu mythology.

  • The book benefits from a Glossary, which is super helpful to the reader!

Some things to keep in mind before reading the book:

  • The book is not a linear or a chronological narration, but a collection of stories that span across different yugas, manvantaras, and kalpas. The book also switches between the first-person and the third-person point of view, and between the past and the present tense. The book also introduces a large number of characters, places, and terms, which may be confusing or overwhelming for some readers


The Verdict:

Mahadevi: The Unseen Truth Behind Existence by Priyanka Sharma Kaintura is a book that celebrates the glory, the power, and the mystery of the mother goddess, and invites the reader to discover and appreciate her multifaceted and magnificent personality. The book is a bold and a brilliant attempt to bridge the gap between the myth and the reality, and to reveal the hidden and the unknown aspects of the goddess. The book is a must-read for anyone who is interested in the Sanatana Dharma, spirituality, or feminism, and who is willing to explore and experience the divine and the human dimensions of the goddess.

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