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Lata Mangeshkar: A Life in Music - A Comprehensive Biography by Yatindra Mishra

Lata Mangeshkar: A Life in Music

Written by Yatindra Mishra

Translated from Hindi by Ira Pande


Published by Penguin Random House India

Pages: 420

MRP: Rs. 799/-

Thank you Penguin India for a media copy of the book!

Lata Mangeshkar: A Life in Music by Yatindra Mishra is a tribute to the illustrious life of one of India's greatest musical icons. The book takes the readers on an enthralling journey through Lata Mangeshkar's life, from her childhood to her reign as the queen of playback singing in Bollywood.

The original book was published before the untimely demise of Shrimati Lata Mangeshkar ji and has been written as if she were still alive, and the translator Ms Ira Pande decided to not make the change for this book as well.

Mishra's research is extensive and his writing is immersive, painting a vivid picture of the cultural and societal changes that Lata Mangeshkar witnessed during her lifetime. He explores the singer's personal and professional life, delving into her early struggles, her family, and her relationships with other artists in the industry.

What sets this biography apart is its focus on Lata Mangeshkar as a cultural exponent and an intellectual. The book sheds light on her contributions to Indian literature and her love for poetry. Mishra's decade-long conversations with the singer provide valuable insights into her thought process and her approach to music.

This book contains a comprehensive account of Lata Mangeshkar's life and career, accompanied by beautiful pictures. The author, Yatindra Mishra, has left no stone unturned in answering any questions that readers may have about Lata ji's life, from her family background and childhood to her journey as a singer. The book also features a section of questions and answers between the author and Lata ji, which provide an intimate look into her life, hobbies, family, rivalries, changes in music over the years, and her relationships with musicians and filmmakers.

As readers peruse the Q&A section, they feel as though they are getting to know Lata ji on a deeper level, connecting with her through the author's words and pictures. The book explores the world of Hindi films, singers, and musicians, evoking memories of old and new stories. It sheds light on previously unknown aspects of Lata ji's life, including a touching anecdote about how she used to wash her rationed sarees by hand and sleep with her head folded to ensure she could wear a clean saree to work.

The author's achievement lies in his thoughtful and profound questions, which Lata ji answered with complete satisfaction, providing readers with an insightful and intimate portrait of one of India's greatest musical icons.

The book also examines the impact of Lata Mangeshkar's music on Indian cinema and culture. The author provides a detailed analysis of her songs, highlighting their musical nuances and their significance in shaping Indian popular culture.

Overall, Lata Mangeshkar: A Life in Music is a must-read for fans of Indian music and cinema. It is a fitting tribute to the legendary singer and an insightful portrayal of the sociocultural changes that shaped India in the twentieth century. Mishra's writing is engaging and informative, making the book an enjoyable and enlightening read.

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Ageless voice and a favourite of three generations of Indians. A must read by all music lovers, especially of Hindi melodies. Thanks for introducing the book with your review.


Thank you sir! I'm about done with your book as well. I'm really enjoying it!

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