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“Kill the Lawyers” by Shishir Vayttaden: A Witty and Insightful Satire on Corporate Law Culture

Kill The Lawyers: Small Tales from Big Law

Author: Shishir Vayttaden

Genre: Satarical Fiction

Published by Bloomsbury India

Pages : 194

MRP: Rs. 499/-

Book review in collaboration with @bookreviewersclub

The book is a satirical journey through the corporate law world of Bombay, told through the eyes of Edamarra Edwin, a junior partner at a law firm. The book is a collection of nine stories that blend humor with legal drama, providing a unique perspective on the intricacies of corporate law.

The stories are engaging, with a narrative style that combines detailed physical descriptions and emotions, drawing readers into the fictional world of Edwin and his associates. The book offers a humorous look at Indian culture, using analogies and metaphors that resonate with the reader, particularly the gold analogy with banks. The author’s experience as a corporate lawyer adds authenticity to the stories, making them both entertaining and educational.

However, some readers may find the vocabulary overwhelming, and the book’s language can be challenging, requiring time to fully immerse oneself in the world Vayttaden has created. While the book is accessible to those familiar with legal jargon, it may pose a challenge for those outside the legal profession. A glossary could have been a helpful addition for broader accessibility.

To conclude, the book is a witty and insightful read that offers a fresh take on the legal profession, making it a recommended book for those interested in law and corporate culture. The author’s skill as a storyteller makes it both deeply engaging and immensely amusing. However, the book’s complex language may require some effort for those not versed in legal terminology.

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