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Inside the World of BCCI Anti-Corruption Unit - A Revealing Account of Corruption in Indian Cricket

A Cop in Cricket: Inside the World of BCCI Anti-Corruption Unit

Author : Neeraj Kumar

Juggernaut Books

190 Pages

MRP: Rs. 599/-

Thanks @juggernautbooks for providing a media copy of the book

"A Cop in Cricket" is a revealing account of corruption and malpractices in Indian cricket. Neeraj Kumar, a former BCCI anti-corruption chief, exposes the unscrupulous world of swindlers, sham matches, and top administrators who care more about commerce than the integrity of the sport. The book provides an insider's view of the goings-on in Indian cricket during Kumar's three-year tenure as the head of the BCCI's Anti-Corruption Unit.

Kumar's writing style is straightforward and engaging, making the book an easy read despite the serious nature of its content. He documents numerous instances where the ACSU was treated poorly by those administering cricket at the time, and how his pleas for additional resources fell on deaf ears. The book also sheds light on the deep-rooted corruption that exists at the grassroots level, including the exchange of large sums of money and allegations of sexual favors being sought from young cricketers.

Kumar is critical of the top officials in the BCCI, who he believes are happy not to ask questions of state associations or insist on transparency and fair play for fear of offending their vote banks. He is particularly critical of Vinod Rai, who headed the court-appointed Committee of Administrators, and Rahul Johri, who was the BCCI's CEO during Rai's tenure. Kumar's scathing observations and candid narrative provide readers with an unprecedented glimpse into the workings of the Indian cricket establishment.

The book is not without its flaws, however. Kumar is silent on the faceoff between then-skipper Kohli and Anil Kumble, which came to a head at the ICC Champions Trophy in 2017. Additionally, the book lacks the depth and detail that would have made it a definitive work on corruption in Indian cricket.

Overall, "A Cop in Cricket" is an eye-opening and shocking account of the rot within Indian cricket. Kumar's empathy for and concern towards younger players not yet in the mainstream system is evident throughout the book, and his fight for the integrity of the sport is commendable. This book is a must-read for cricket fans and anyone interested in the darker side of sports.

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