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How Utpal Kumar’s Bharat Rising Challenges the Nehruvian Worldview and Celebrates the Civilizational Ethos of India

Title: Bharat Rising (Dharma, Democracy, Diplomacy)

Author: Utpal Kumar

Genre: Political Commentary

Publisher: BluOne Ink

Print Length: 266

MRP: Rs. 599/-


Thank you BluOne Ink for a review copy of the book.


In the cacophony of contemporary discourse, where ideologies clash and narratives collide, Utpal Kumar’s debut book, Bharat Rising: Dharma, Democracy, Diplomacy, emerges as a beacon of intellectual clarity. With the precision of a surgeon’s scalpel, Kumar dissects India’s multifaceted identity, laying bare its historical roots, present challenges, and future aspirations.

The author argues that the Modi era marks a historical awakening of the Indian nation, which is reclaiming its identity and destiny as Bharat, a name that has ancient and spiritual roots in the Vedas and the Mahabharata. He shows how Modi has tapped into the cultural and religious sentiments of the masses and mobilized them for a national cause. He also analyzes how Modi has challenged the entrenched and corrupt power structures of the Lutyens’ Delhi, which he calls the Khan Market gang, and exposed their hypocrisy and double standards.

The author also highlights the achievements and challenges of the Modi government in various sectors, such as economy, education, health, infrastructure, defence, security, social justice and governance. He gives credit where it is due, but also points out the shortcomings and failures where they exist. He does not shy away from criticizing the government for its mistakes and missteps.

Kumar takes us on a journey beyond the ivory towers of Lutyens’ Delhi. He dismantles the entrenched narratives that have long held sway over India’s intellectual landscape. The book is a manifesto for a new India—one that refuses to be confined by colonial hangovers or ideological dogmas. It dares to question, to probe, and to reimagine.

The heart of Bharat Rising lies in its celebration of India’s civilizational memory. Kumar weaves together threads from the Vedas, the epics, and the wisdom of sages. He reminds us that our heritage is not a burden but a reservoir of resilience. The book resonates with the spirit of Swami Vivekananda, who urged us to embrace our past without fear.

Dharma, Democracy, Diplomacy

The triad of Dharma, Democracy, and Diplomacy forms the spine of Kumar’s argument. He dissects each element with surgical precision:

  1. Dharma: Our moral compass, rooted in ancient texts, guides us through the labyrinth of ethical dilemmas. Kumar argues that Dharma is not a relic but a living force that shapes our choices.

  2. Democracy: India’s raucous democracy is both its strength and Achilles’ heel. Kumar navigates the paradoxes—the cacophony of voices, the clash of ideologies, and the dance of electoral politics—with finesse.

  3. Diplomacy: As India steps onto the global stage, its diplomatic dance becomes crucial. Kumar analyzes India’s evolving relationships with major powers, deftly balancing realism and idealism.


Kumar doesn’t shy away from uncomfortable truths. He dissects India’s changing equations with the US, China, and other global players. The book is a geopolitical kaleidoscope, revealing the intricate patterns of power dynamics.


Bharat Rising is not a mere book; it’s a manifesto for a resurgent India. It challenges us to shed our cynicism, embrace our heritage, and stride confidently into the future. Kumar’s prose is incisive, his arguments compelling, and his vision audacious.


In conclusion, Bharat Rising is a clarion call—a symphony of ideas that resonates across time and space. It invites us to participate in the grand narrative of Bharat, where Dharma, Democracy, and Diplomacy converge. Kumar’s voice is a clarion call, urging us to rise, not as passive spectators, but as active participants in shaping our destiny.


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