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How to Future-Proof Your Career in the Post Pandemic World. Outskill Book Review.

Author: Partha Basu

Published by HarperBusiness

Non Fiction/Self Help

207 Pages

MRP: Rs. 399

Certain moments, events change the process of thinking, working and actually living. But all such things are usually limited to the scope of an individual, rarely things happen which bring about a change so big that things that are needed to cope up with such sorts of situations actually tend to be talked about. Such was the COVID-19 pandemic. This is one of the many reads (books, articles etc) I have been doing about the post pandemic situation, or how to be in the post pandemic situation. And you know what? All these books, articles and write ups, have one thing in common, or to say, these are directed in such a way that they always try to make you ready or lift you up from the situation where you either landed because of the pandemic, or the situation just worsened because of it. When I go deep down in such scenarios, I do believe that such measures are required, because due to the ever changing technology and the picked up pace of the world, it’s really difficult for someone who is struggling to cope up! And here in, we need help to understand our situation, what are our points of strength and what are the weaknesses we need to work upon!

Well, such help is a must in today's corporate world, and to cater that need I am confident that this simple yet, beautifully written book can tell you what to do, or rather what you require. Outskill, aims to inculcate the qualities in you which are required for healthy survival as well as growth in the post-pandemic world. The book is authored by Mr Partha Basu. To tell a bit more about him, Partha Basu is a senior industry leader who has worked in seven industries, both in Fortune 500 organisations like Coca-Cola, Whirlpool, AkzoNobel and Tata Group as well in new initiatives like IFB-Bosch and SpiceJet. Sir has earlier authored five books—Lifescapes: The Long and Short of It (2021), Mid-Career Crisis (2015), Make It or Break It (2012), With or Without You (2010) and Why Not! (2008). He has delivered lectures in India and abroad, and his articles have been published widely. At present, he is based out of Amsterdam, Netherlands. Moving on to the book, to break it down, the book is divided into three precise sections discussing the skills, and the qualities, as well as why someone needs them. What the situation is and why actually we need to future-proof our careers! The first section talks about what the future is actually, it renders out the probabilities, possibilities and situations that one may face. Moreover, it talks about how the future is completely technology-based, and how the work culture is going to change in the upcoming time. The 2nd section talks about the leadership traits that one needs to imbibe to have consistent and healthy growth. Here the author talks about being the lead, talks more about communication etc. It is one of the most influential parts of the book. The write-up here is the strongest in terms of motivation, and communication as a whole. The third part is about future-proofing, which actually summarises each other into sections. All of the previous sections find the compilation here. To end, I would like to mention that the book is an easy read, it consists of all the insights from the big shots of the industry who have contributed the best of their knowledge and understanding. The book also provides examples and drafts a great blueprint for the path of success in the corporate world post-pandemic.

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