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How India Must Grow in a Pandemic-Ridden World. Negotiating the New Normal Book Review.

Author: Saurav Jha

Published by : Hachette India

Genre: Non Fiction/Politics & Current Affairs

Pages: 410

MRP: Rs. 699/-

Maybe the pandemic has gone, but its effects have been persistent, and we all seem to face it. Part by part, sector by sector, we all know that not everything is back to its normal. All the people who lost their jobs are yet to be placed. The pace with which the employment was going on has shrunk a bit, if not completely the culture of the whole working sector has changed with permanent introduction of facilities like work from home etc. cutting down costs of the company on a drastic level. A few mandates and regulations still work in the west, and some sectors still require the mask to be worn. Well it seems that this is the new normal.

Keeping aside everything, what do we most look into? Well that's India, our own country. How are we dealing with it, and what we should do to come out of all the after pandemic world. Well, the answer is Saurav Jha’s Book - Negotiating the new normal. A book which is compiled with all the effects and causes of the pandemic even talks about the solutions to it. It discusses how India as a whole should work to get out of the pandemic ridden nation. The author’s writing does show how diligently he has worked on finding the actual facts about the real ground situations, these situations range from pandemic to post-pandemic times.

Saurav Jha has written well on how the western states are settling for themselves after the current situation and how these worked before the pandemic.Well the usual contribution is always India and the top economies, because we as a nation are the ones always in the race to prove ourselves that we are a super power. Well this comparison by the author not only answers the raised question of the country’s growth with respect to the western world, but clears the air on the questions like how, when etc! If we had to talk about what you gain after reading this book? Well the answer is simple and clear, you get an idea of what was before, and what is now! What should be done and what's going on! The ambitions of the country and the possibilities of it achieving those, and the obstacles in the path of completion of the goal. Saurva Jha, has mentioned a lot! Right from taking references from the governor's statement, to the financial stability reports! Well the research has shown its result.

Staying a bit different from normal books which discuss economy etc, wherein the content is labelled with the subtitles of each new chapter starts with only a number. For sure this helps in keeping the flow with the topic! The flow keeps you intact about what got destroyed due to the pandemic, who actually suffered in it, how common people had to pay the price and now when it's over, how the problem of the post-pandemic havoc must be tackled, to find a pathway on the road of growth.

Along with all these things the author has well analysed the current situation and the data available to predict what likely can take place in the future, or simply to say what we all should be ready for. To summarise all the things that the book tells in a sentence, it would be A well compiled book, with thorough research, perfect finding, analysis and better suggestions to enact! When we run through the other aspects of the book, in terms of how easy the book is to read and references, the book is up to the mark. The ease of understanding for anyone with the ability to read English is achieved for sure, the words put forward are easy to comprehend, and don’t make you think about its application. Just one thing, that the people who are quite knowledgeable about all the scenarios and economic conditions may find it once read in terms of all the actions that have happened since the pandemic struck! But nevertheless, it's a better option to read about the pandemic and its causes. Saurav Jha, has written a great one, with all the potions mixed well.

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