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Get Out: The Gay Man's Guide to Coming In and Going Out. Book Review.

GET OUT: The Gay Man's Guide to Coming Out and Going Out

Author: Aniruddha Mahale

Published by HarperCollins India

This book is every gay man's guide to going out and coming out. It's helpful, it's light, it's got wisdom, it's got drama, and everything else you'd need.

The book started out great. It honestly felt like one of the best introductions I've ever read. But the preface was so long that once I finished reading, it felt like I read five chapters on a loop. Repetitions are a mood kill. I understand that to make a point an author has to elaborate quite a bit, and that's alright. It was bittersweet trying to read the book.

Now skipping to the good part, the way the author explained situations, feelings, difficulties,

moments of immense happiness, relief, and all the other sentiments were simple and absolutely magical. It made me think about how scary it is for everybody who wants to come out and how much courage it takes to come out to somebody.

I loved that he explained what to do, what not to do, how to not make it all about ourselves, what not to say, and how to support a friend, a foe, and family when they come out to you.

The author has a great sense of humor and a good way of keeping his stories light.

Repeated sentences and ideas made it tiresome to read at times. I preferred the first half of the book before it turned into a Bachelor Paradise ( Dating, Drama, and Everything Love).

I appreciate the author's anecdotes, the tips, and his very fascinating way of engaging his


Despite the criticism this is a good book. I’d suggest you give it a read


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