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Exploring Childhood Adventures in Blue Green Red Yellow: A Review of Srivenkatanathan N's Heartwarming Book

Blue Green Red Yellow

Author: Srivenkatanathan N

Genre: Fictional Memoir

Published by Notion Press

Pages 316

MRP: Rs. 399/-


In the enchanting pages of “BGRY,” Srivenkatanathan N invites readers to step into the hallowed halls of school life—a realm where innocence, camaraderie, and life’s defining moments converge. This fictional memoir, set against the backdrop of Chennai, India, resonates with anyone who has ever worn a school uniform, wielded a cricket bat, or scribbled furiously during exams.

The Tapestry of School Days

“BGRY” weaves a rich tapestry of memories, capturing the essence of growing up. Venkata Ramakrishnan, our endearing protagonist, leads us through a labyrinth of classrooms, playgrounds, and friendships. As we follow his escapades, we find ourselves transported to our own school days—the smell of chalk dust, the thrill of PT periods, and the unbreakable bonds forged in youthful exuberance.

Characters That Breathe

The characters in “BGRY” are not mere ink on paper; they pulse with life. Venkat, with his MRF cricket bat and bangle-drawn Venn diagrams, embodies the spirit of every schoolboy. His best friend Bharath, the cricket enthusiast, is both rival and confidant. Shalini, the benchmate, adds sweetness to the narrative. And who can forget the strict maths teacher, whose stern gaze strikes fear into young hearts?

The Cricket Chronicles

Cricket enthusiasts will revel in the vivid descriptions of matches—the sun-drenched pitch, the leather ball thudding against willow, and the camaraderie in the pavilion. Venkat’s batting prowess, Bharath’s fiery bowling, and the thrill of victory resonate deeply. The cricket field becomes a canvas where dreams are painted in sixes and boundaries.

Exam Blues and Triumphs

The exam season unfolds like a symphony of anxiety and anticipation. Venkat’s struggles in maths—using a bangle as a makeshift compass and grappling with decimal points—mirror our own academic battles. The English exams, with their prose, poetry, and supplementary reading, evoke memories of ink-stained fingers and hurried essays. We nod knowingly as Venkat grapples with word limits and tangled syntax.

Moments of Resilience

At the heart of “BGRY” lie moments of resilience. Venkat’s unwavering respect during the national anthem earns him admiration. His clever escape during a stomach ache showcases determination and quick thinking. And the standing ovation he receives—an applause that reverberates through the corridors—is a testament to character and integrity.

Themes and Reflections

Beyond the classroom, “BGRY” subtly explores universal themes. Friendship blooms amidst tattered textbooks and shared secrets. Identity takes shape in the shadow of teachers who leave indelible marks. And time, that relentless river, carries us from PT periods to farewell assemblies. The author’s prose is simple yet evocative, allowing readers to slip seamlessly into Venkat’s world.

Constructive Criticisms

1. Pacing

While the book captures the essence of school life, there are instances where pacing could be tightened. Some scenes linger longer than necessary, affecting the overall flow.

2. Dialogue

While the dialogue serves its purpose, there’s room for improvement. Characters’ voices could be more distinct, reflecting their backgrounds and personalities.

3. Show, Don’t Tell

Occasionally, the narrative leans toward telling rather than showing. Trusting readers to infer emotions and details would enhance the reading experience.


Final Thoughts

“BGRY” is more than a book; it’s a time capsule. Whether you’re a cricket tragic, a lover of nostalgia, or simply someone who appreciates a well-crafted story, this book will tug at your heartstrings. Srivenkatanathan N invites us to relive those unforgettable days—the laughter, the tears, and the promise of tomorrow.

In summary, “BGRY” is a heartwarming ode to school life. It whispers, “Remember when?” and nudges us to cherish our own BGRY—the days that shaped us, the friendships that sustained us, and the dreams that carried us beyond the classroom.

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