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Don't Shut Up by Prakhar Gupta and Mudit Yadav. Book Review

So a little pre-review disclaimer here by Harsh to address the elephant in the blog, the reason why most of you clicked on the link, to get some juicy drama and to read some b*tching about one of the co-authors of the book, well sorry to disappoint you, but you ain't gonna get none of that here. The following review is written by Apurva Barve who previous to reading the book, had no clue as to who both of the authors were. I had initially purchased the book to be read and reviewed by myself, but given the situation, (and let me tell you, even otherwise, I am on Prakhar's side with all the information about the said situation in public domain). So for the sole reason, a bias is not created, I gave the book to Apurva Barve, who read the book and wrote the following review. I will also be reading the book at my own leisure, but will probably not end up writing a review.

Authors: Prakhar Gupta & Mudit Yadav


Genre: Self-Help

Pp: 272

MRP: Rs. 499/-

We live in the world which our questions create, is a line said by David Cooperrider. Sometimes things are simple, and when approached in a correct way can be easily done or executed in a proper manner. Life goes on a higher side as we grow up and its just the type of questions and the area of those which change. We usually know what kind of things are going to take place but at the same time, it is a dilemma how to deal with those things. Well certain things can be taught or be presented earlier which can later be edited or changed as per the need. Certainly not every situation is dealt with like the way mentioned in texts or rather being told by someone. But for sure these things give us an idea about the way to approach those. So here we have the book titled “Don’t Shut Up” By Prakhar Gupta and Mudit Yadav, which claims to help people from different age groups to work/talk in a way that the world listens! Prakhar Gupta is a social commentator and entrepreneur who has taught and helped more than 2000+ students (as shown on his website ) of his in the art of conversation. He has his website through which he conducts his teaching. Mudit Yadav, CA CFA is the founder of My Success coach. He is a keynote speaker, executive coach on communication, leadership etc. Experienced with coaching executives at MNCs like Google, Cisco etc. Well this book is the compilation of their knowledge and experience compiled to teach you ways to efficiently communicate. The Book aims at helping you communicate better, which would in process lead to sustainable relationships, either maintaining or building, and also help you in situations where one may choke! But! The question is how helpful it is? Well let's break it down! The book consists of 23 already mentioned situations which a person faces in his lifetime, or to be specific, knowing or unknowingly drops in such! The book is divided into two parts, one which discusses your journey from Studenthood to adulthood, and the other one which talks about the time when you have become a grown up! These two parts discuss and tell you ways to tackle those specific age or situational problems! If we start to look around in the first part of the book, which a majority of the readers would relate (assuming that the age group is still quite young) and the second part two is something more like a lesson which we should take note of. But before we talk about what is perfect to relate and what is not! I would like to appreciate both of the authors the way they have written these parts or chapters in a very easy language, easy to understand and maybe apply too! The book is fun to read as well as there isn’t a portion wherein you start to feel that its taking a more of a school learning turn! The way they have given titles to the chapters is also appreciable! To summarise this appreciation I would say that the authors have successfully made it a millennial guide! Moving on, the book starts with making friends in college, which in general is a question for many students starting in a new place, well this might help you! It is also a must know part which I personally felt that I should have known earlier which was having conversation with parents. Studenthood to Adulthood is a part which every individual faces in his student life, and well, having a bit of idea on how to face these situations can be really helpful! Whether it’s an insult or reacting in a nervous situation or even relationships, you got it all covered. Part one ends while entering the grown up zone, which is kinda preface to Part two of the book. The second part two of the book, which is the grown up zone, is the guide to managing things and putting up conversations in professional spaces as well as other things a grown up man or woman has to go throughout his personal life. The things included in here range from conversations with people of authority to writing cold emails and also delivering speeches etc.

To sum up the contents and review for the book, I would say it's a great millennial guide to situations certainly faced one or many times in life. It would have been fun if there would have been a bit more in addition to the topics like hospitals, finance, saying no etc. But what is presented in these 200 words is also fine! A read of this book would just help you understand and make you a bit more comfortable in such situations which definitely arise at one point of time. Well written, and accurate in the explanation, throughout the book I felt that there wasn't a part which was written just for the purpose of writing. Kudos! To the authors who have written such a fine book, with realistic scenarios! Definitely worth a shot.

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Very well written. Addresses the book and a teeny bit of the controversy.

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