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Dharmic Nation: Freeing Bharat, Remaking India by R Jagannathan. Book Review

Author: R. Jagannathan

Non Fiction/Collected Works

Published by Rupa Publications

Pages: 225

MRP: Rs. 595/-

Thank you @rupa_publications for a copy of the book.

Mr. Jagannathan is an acclaimed journalist with several years of experience and currently holding the position of Editorial Director at the Swarajya Magazine (one of the few online portals, I actually have a paid subscription to). Naturally, I had high expectations for the book, as I had read a lot of articles by the author for the past half a decade or so I have been following news actively, and found myself resonating with his views.

The book provides a clear and succinct roadmap for Hindus on how to live their lives in accordance with Hinduism's tenets thanks to its straightforward writing style and practical approach.

The goal of the book is to give Hindus the knowledge and resources they need to live as proud and self-assured adherents of Hinduism in today's world. It covers a wide range of subjects, such as Hinduism's history and traditions, the place of religion in daily life, and the difficulties Hindus encounter in modern society.

The author promotes Hinduism as a rich and significant religion that is worth preserving and protecting in an unabashed manner. The book provides helpful counsel and direction for leading a Hindu life in the twenty-first century and is meant to be a resource for Hindus of all ages, educational backgrounds, and levels of understanding. India, he claims, is threatened by those who wish to destroy this civilization even as their own is disintegrating because to the excesses of wokeism, secularism, and Islamism. This is true even though India is home to more than a billion Hindus. The author also criticizes Western academia and India's liberal elements for promoting Hinduphobic ideas and creating imaginary divisions within Hinduism. The book is a passionate plea for the rediscovery of India's dharmic nature and for Hindus to become more missionary in their beliefs. The author believes that for India to rise, dharma must defeat adharma.

In essence, "Dharmic Nation" gives Hindus a road map for navigating their religion and society, enabling them to live as proud and self-assured Hindus. It provides a clear and concise knowledge of Hinduism, its history, and its importance in the modern world. It is a helpful and unapologetic guide.

Overall, "Dharmic Nation: Freeing Bharat, Remaking India" is a good attempt at addressing the challenges facing India's cultural identity. The author presents ideas that are important to consider, but doesn't bring much new to the conversation, having already written about these topics in his articles and editorials. However, for those unfamiliar with the dangers that the author highlights, this book is definitely a must-read. The book serves as a reminder of the need to rediscover India's dharmic heritage and defend it against those who aim to dismantle it.

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