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Book Review: The Resilient Society - Economics after COVID

Author: Markus K. Brunnermeir

Published by: HarperBusiness (An Imprint Of HarperCollins)

Genre: Economics

MRP: Rs. 699/-

The book is quite a tough read for people who have no background in economics or don't own any general knowledge about the working of policies, bonds, or things that are related to economics, still, it has been successful in organising the content to be at the simplest level. But still, as a whole, considering that every person is familiar with the situations currently in the globe, the book provides an exact and deep analysis of what the country has been or what the world has been like before the pandemic, and what are the after-effects of the COVID pandemic; leading to certain situations which we never imagined.

The book has provided a detailed analysis of what a person or a younger generation should do or how businessmen or future policymakers should consider framing policies by thinking about the aftershocks that a country or a system would face if something like this hits us again. The book has brilliantly discussed about the government, the markets, the society and the changes in the climate, the situations and the behaviour of the people that affects the worldwide condition regarding anything that has been related to economics. On a personal level, it is highly appreciated how the author has included detailed graphs of certain situations which can be easily pictograph and explained in a simple manner.

The book is divided into four parts, sections in certain situations wherein the author goes on talking about the various phases that we have faced or the society as a whole has faced, and how we recovered; moreover how we should be ready for something like this in the future. The author has been successful in including things like interest rates, bonds, the climate condition, the society wherein the developing nations are hit, underdeveloped nations which come under the trap of losing many things in form of aid, and the countries which are developed eyeing for another opportunity for revenue generation. Having said that, the book also mentions a list of events regarding the COVID- 19 pandemic and its different phases or forms according to regions. It also states the information regarding the lockdowns, communication and by far its most detailed analysis and explanation one could have in a book. In general, the book covers all the aspects of the society that a 3rd person would like to read, in order to get an idea of the situation and get ready for future events if any. Mentioning the change that the book discusses how the ecosystem of work for the world has changed, the author has done commendable work in mentioning the positives as well as the negatives.

A particular thing which I was personally looking for in this book was the growth, the dip and the shock for an individual ( if we are considering a person, part of society as discussed) I felt that there was an absence of particular individual side thinking that the book could have explained up at easily but considering that we are talking about the society as a whole it could be ignored without any issues. To summarise what values the book gives us is the fact that it provides a base framework for the situations that we may face in the future and provides a clear understanding on what we should be ready for in case an economic shaking disaster like this occurs again in the future. For people who are trying to understand the working of economies and managing such situations for business, a book that provides long-term assistance or a long-term map for unprecedented or unpredicted events like this "The Resilient Society" is a book to go for.

To conclude I would say, the book is a perfect compilation of the articles, and thoughts processed and beautifully explained for every person who wants to get an idea of the situation of how the pandemic takes place, it jitters the globe. The book is a great example of how we have tackled such situations, and how we as a resilient society can be ready for the upcoming challenges, which are not in sight.

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Seems like an important read!!

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