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Book Review of Your Last Step to Fast to Fast Financial Freedom by Aryan Chaudhary

Published by Fingerprint Publishing

Genre: Finance

MRP: Rs.500/-(Available for much less from the link at the end of the review)

Freedom and Finance are two words which are tagged to a human since his/her birth. Something which cannot be ignored in the later part of life is financial freedom, also which is the current trend of the society. Retire young, allocate funds, this and that! We all believe that a happy life is all of an infusion of being debt free, enough cash to fill in every need that hops up, and also a heavy duty emergency medical fund.

The reality is different if observed, the majority of the generation being under debt in order to earn money through ways which just destroy it, no need to name them! Well that’s something from the perspective of a person observing in general terms, but there are people who want to get out of this rat race, and be effective in their living, finding out the best ways of utilising capacities. If you are that person, well then “ Your Last Step To Fast Financial Freedom” by Aryan Chaudhary is the book for you! A book which runs on the fuel called simplicity does really educate on every level whether you are stuck on the shore of not being financially free or someone who is starting from his first penny!

It is appreciated how the author has kept the language so easy, that a common man, without even a percent of knowledge on the financial terms can read the book on the peak of his understanding. Smaller size of the book does really erupt the questions of how much material or info the pages can have, but it’s amazing to see the way the author has structured the book in a favourable manner. It is correct to mention that the book is not only a great read for people but at the same time it’s a simplest guide to actually reaching the final destination of financial freedom fast! In general financial terms, I would say that, fast financial freedom many times misguides a person, much of his life a bit more troubled than ever!

That trouble seems to be far away and the early untouched in this book! The ways mentioned are highly practical and can be easily implemented, and if followed with discipline managing every way possible, you would realise that the facts mentioned in the book are the fruits in your basket! Coming up on how the book is structured, a book with medium density fonts is divided into three small yet information filled sections! The guide (because I really feel that the book is really a guide to young ones specially) starts with a subtle comparison of two types of people present and their conditions!

Slowly and steadily the book discusses the various things divided in the sections. It first helps to declutter your mind, and mute the noise that fills up the brain. It as said in the book fuels you to get things done in a way, and think in a way that generally isn't thought of! Right from multiple streams to balance or to developing the mindsets a lot of myths are actually debunked! Voila! Reaching that step and reading through that portion is enough to make you take the first step to your journey which goes on discussing certain facts like income, debts, FIQs etc! And the last section, rewards you with the gifts of reaching financial freedom, it sorts out the costs for it, and the rules which actually make you free from the various financial traumas that you may get, or are into already!

A clap for the author who actually put spaces to jot down and let people evaluate themselves! Yes! Throughout the book you would find various spaces wherein you can jot down the points which you know about yourself according to the questions asked! My personal favourite thing about the book is how the author compares the mindsets and the habits of the rich and poor or even mentions a lot of things about how things work! All of this through the medium of tables and short bullet points which turn out as examples!

My favourite one is chapter 15 wherein he compares the habits, mindsets, thoughts and what not among the rich and the poor! To sum up I would say that the book is a must read for the younger generation as well as should be a read for people who are in survival mode and are trying to get out of it! Simple, Informative and Worthy would be the words for it!

If you are considering purchasing the book, do purchase from this affiliate link . We will get a small commission at no additional cost to you.


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