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Book Review of Just Keep Buying by Nick Maggiulli

Published by HarperBusiness (An Imprint of HarperCollins)

Genre: Finance

MRP: Rs.399/-

Savings as a habit is something which requires will power to enact upon, it's a category of financial daily structure wherein you try to understand each and every aspect of why and how much to spend and what to do with the remaining money. The fact that it is an important part of everyone’s life not each and every person is able to do it well. Everyone wants to get rich but merely everyone understands that it’s first step starts from saving what you have with you.

Living a richer life than current is an aspiration of most of the living generation and it requires certain steps which are available to us at ease. Wealth in general is a long term concept and doesn’t only have the requirement of saving, but also it requires that your money grows over a certain period of time, or rather multiples to certain expectations. Moving along to the idea of the above paragraph, for all those guys who are trying to get wealthier over the period of time or simply in the long term without taking huge risks, Just Keep Buying by Nick Maggiulli is for you!

The book is a starter to all the folks around who have just started a new job and also for people who have realised how important it is to save and create wealth. The book is majorly divided into two parts wherein it explains about Saving and Investing as a whole to generate prolonged wealth, which stays till you are on this planet, and supports you in your non-working age. The book can act as a guide to everyone, but there is a slight disappointment to people living outside the US. All the facts and figures though mentioned and explained well are completely helpful to the people residing in the united states of America and are of no use to other people.

Well, there’s no such thing as a general rule for everyone, but here is crossed the limit certainly, apart from the common definitions the author has completely focused on increasing the potential charges of the Americans getting wealthier, as the applicability of the savings and it’s investment are according to the data collected in terms of dollars as well as the analysis sits point up to the lifestyle of US citizens. Anyone trying to implement such kinds of stats and its change in the working for their wealthier future would require huge analysis of data from their country as well as other aspects such as return on investment and the rate of interests, charges etc! Though it's not a criticism of the writing of the book, it's just a simple explanation and blind truth that needs to be kept forward to the readers before they select a book to read.

Well, the book isn’t something which promotes things which are not possible so I would like to mention and forward appreciation towards how well the book is written in terms of content and data explained. Just to be sure the reader needs to understand that the book itself speaks in dollars and needs to be generalised for implementation. The book to be honest is based on simple questions that need to be answered, with explanations to the start, as previously mentioned the book is divided into two sections, wherein the author has successfully explained every aspect of saving. To give an overlay I would say that Nick Maggiulli has chopped off all the topics such as debt, and answered ways to lifestyle, and retirement after explaining the correct meaning of savings and its procedure.

The second half of the book talks about multiplying your money and converting it into wealth. For me from a personal point of view, I do believe that the book seems a bit tough for a person who is used to the general belief of investing like all people do. Here the author has successfully sliced the myths of investing in terms of luck, buying the dip and why not to buy small quantities like people usually do when they have money, generally the middle class. It is appreciable how Nick has also answered to subjects like buying during crisis and why not to fear the volatility of the market.

In the end, it mentions well the rules of JUST KEEP BUYING and herein concludes the book. To end I would say in terms of language the book is simple to read and understand, the data is explained well and for a person on a general level won’t have an issue understanding any of it. To end, I would say for people residing in America, it would be a great guide, but for people outside the country, it could be a better option if they think of it as a book gain idea.

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