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Beyond Romance - A Refreshing Take on Building Stronger Relationships

I'm usually not a big reader of relationship books. Most seem filled with fluff and generic advice. But Diyaa Punjabi's Beyond Romance pleasantly surprised me. It offers practical tips on strengthening romantic bonds through friendship.

The core premise is simple - being good friends can help couples navigate life's ups and downs together. Makes sense, right? After all, don't we all want a partner who is also our best buddy? But Diyaa explores this in refreshing ways.

She shares insights from her own marriage along with research-backed ideas. I found her perspective as an Indian woman in an arranged union fascinating. It lends authenticity to her suggestions on transforming marital relationships.

Some highlights I loved:

  1. Learning each other's 'love languages' to give affection more meaningfully

  2. Having a diverse support network beyond your partner

  3. Drawing healthy boundaries around individual needs

Diyaa writes in a warm, relatable way. She doesn't claim to have all the answers. But offers ideas to spark deeper connections.

I enjoyed the real-life examples and poems interspersed throughout. They made the book feel less preachy and more conversational.

My favorite chapter focused on injecting fun and adventure into relationships. Diyaa suggests easy activities like cooking together or volunteering as a couple. This resonated with me. Shared experiences definitely create bonding moments.

While the book draws from the author's heterosexual marriage, many principles apply universally. Her insights on communication, quality time and intimacy are useful for all couples.

Overall, I found Beyond Romance to be a quick, insightful read. It highlights small but powerful ways we can choose friendship in love. A recommended read for anyone seeking to strengthen their most precious relationships.

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