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A Journey into Mythology and Mystery in 'Naimisha: Gods Own Story' - The Beginning

Naimisha : God's Own Story - The Beginning

Author: MCR Sesha

Mythological Fiction

Published by Notion Press

358 Pages

MRP: Rs. 475/-

Thank you Mr @mcrsesha for collaborating with us for the campaign.

Naimisha: Gods Own Story - The Beginning by MCR Sesha is an enthralling journey into the realm of mythology, blending history, legend, and fantasy in a rich tapestry that captures the imagination. This novel serves as a compelling introduction to a grand epic, setting the stage for an expansive saga that promises to transport readers to a world where gods, mortals, and extraordinary beings collide.

Sesha's storytelling prowess shines through as he breathes life into the captivating characters who populate the pages of Naimisha. The narrative weaves seamlessly between multiple storylines, each offering unique perspectives and insights into the lives and struggles of the characters both mythological and fictional gods and humans. With meticulous attention to detail, Sesha masterfully integrates elements from Hindu mythology, expertly immersing readers in the grandeur and complexity of ancient Indian legends.

Readers will find that not everything in the book is taken from our texts and scriptures, and the author has creatively added his own fictionalized elements to the story. The author rightly argues that if you want a 100% authenticity, why not read the original texts in the first place? The author humbly submits in his author’s note that if reading this mythological fiction encourages some people to read the original epics to crosscheck he would be gratified. However, more knowledgeable readers would find that there are no distortions in the storyline or characterisation, though there is certainly a creative reimagination of some of the events. The fictional track of the story does not attempt to interfere with the main story and runs parallel to it with its independent interpretations of events and foray into philosophical discussions.

The author's ability to blend history fiction and mythology is commendable. Through vivid descriptions and intricate world-building, Sesha creates a universe that feels tangible, filled with mythical charactersgods and goddesses,- demons, celestial beings, and mortal heroes. The juxtaposition of human emotions and divine power adds depth and complexity to the characters, making them relatable and endearing to readers. The characters created by the author -the mysterious Master, Asareer and Animish will make a deep impression on the readers who would automatically compare their belief systems with those characters. The fictional role of the real character Yogamaya and her interactions with Rohini, Devaki and Yashoda should endear her to women readers, especially.

One of the notable strengths of Naimisha is the author's skill in crafting dialogue. The exchanges between characters are natural and engaging, providing valuable insights into their personalities, motivations, and relationships. The conversations between different characters -Asareer and Animish, Uddhava and Akrura, Vidura and Bhishma, Kamsa and Jarasandhagods and mortals are particularly compelling. The narration of Krishna’s feats through different characters instead of telling the story directly is a unique novelty. The real story is left to Ved Vyasa to narrate later., showcasing the stark contrast between the mortal realm and the divine.

However, there are moments when the multitude of characters and storylines can become overwhelming, especially for readers less familiar with Hindu mythology. Some may find themselves flipping back and forth to grasp the connections between different characters and events. Additionally, Tthe pacing of the story occasionally slows down due to the extensive world-building, which may seem to test the patience of those seeking swift action and plot progression. However, that is the way a mythology story needs to be narrated and read and once the reader gets used to it, it gets interesting and the reader would crave for more details. The introduction of characters in the beginning and the glossary at the end are useful to first-time readers of epics.

Nevertheless Overall, Naimisha: God'sGods Own Story - The Beginning stands out as a promising start to a grand mythological saga. MCR Sesha's impeccable research and vivid imagination combine to create a vivid and immersive experience. The book serves as an intriguing invitation into a world brimming with divine power, intricate relationships, and timeless battles between good and evil.

The setting of the story, the forest of Naimisha and the city of Mathura, provides a rich backdrop for the narrative to unfold. The mention of parallel storylines involving Shri Krishna, Pandavas, and Kauravas hints at the interweaving of multiple characters and their destinies, offering readers a broader perspective on the events leading up to the birth of Krishna as well as his later progression in life..

The concept of 'Akashvani,' the celestial voice that transcends time and space, adds an intriguing element of prophecy and divine intervention. It sets the stage for a captivating exploration of fate, free will, and the intricate connections between mortals and the divine realm.

Fans of epic fantasy and mythology will undoubtedly find themselves drawn into the intricate web of Naimisha. Sesha's ability to balance the mythical with the human, coupled with his eloquent prose, ensures an engaging read from start to finish. With its vast scope and rich storytelling, Naimisha: Gods Own Story - The Beginning is a remarkable testament to the enduring allure of ancient legends and their ability to capture our collective imagination.

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