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Build, Don't Talk by Raj Shamani. Book Review

“Education is the most powerful weapon one can use to change this world.” This was quoted by Nelson Mandela. We all know this is true but well, education is certainly something which is available not only in school but also everywhere on this earth. Surprisingly the places where we seem to look upon for education and knowledge, is an institution. Sadly these days, it’s worth stating that schools are educating, but not preparing students for the future of this globe, the practicality, and the necessary things to survive and grow! I would like to mention that I am not criticising any organisation or institution about failing to impart knowledge and provide education but, the trend and the scenario that seems to be there now, looks like things have become a bit more exam and target oriented, a bit more completion rather than understanding about the modules! Well, that’s not one way to actually live up a good life, and not only the way to live a life. So how would you escape this race of target and exam-oriented living in the years of education? Well, you may find the answers to those questions in this book. Build, Don’t talk seems like an informal guide to your natural escape the race questions which is authored by Raj Shamani.

Raj Shamani, 24, is an businessman, social media influencer and entrepreneur with more than 1 million followers. He is better known as a motivational speaker, who has given more than 200 plus speeches across 26 countries around the globe. He has given speeches at TED and United Nations, and also at various organisations such as jaguar etc.

To move, Raj has kept the book a bit more informal, and well it does suit the theme for the readers too! Build, Don’t Talk aims at making us realise the things that we should have learnt in school, but well yes! Failed to do so! And it fairly helps us understand how the world is!

The book has nearly 40 chapters, but the point is those are short and sweet and highly practical! The book starts with criticism of the education system! Well,that's what we all have done, while we all grew up, and started to realise how dull and static it is! The book ends with mentioning and explaining about the things that should have been taught in the school!

The topics are really very interesting. The author takes you from the process of realising what you are and what you can be! In between he states more of his side, how he was! And how he is now! The difference, the developed and the grown up individual! He tells you all the parameters one person is judged upon, if to bother or not and how! The chapters through this book are completely a story that unfolds itself relational to the previous one! Raj has extensively covered the topics which sometimes students miss out, or get left without understanding its importance. Whether the area is of understanding things, or accepting how they are. Even if it is business or even if it is an investment, he has got it covered for you! My personal favourite chapter was “Vision, Mission and Thirty Second Rule.” To summarise the book I would say, the book is fantastic. It is easy to understand, its relativity to practical life and purposes is high! Also, it covers major aspects that an individual should consider when gaining knowledge as well as growing his own mentality and personality. And keep following the words he states, “If you want to make money, work on the things that are trending today; but if you want to become filthy rich, work on things that will be trending ten years from now.”


In case you want to purchase the book, do purchase from this link, it will help us out.


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