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3 Tips By Meera Gandhi. Book Review!!

3 Tips: The Essentials for Peace, Joy and Success

Author Meera Gandhi

Published by Rupa Publications

Genre: Self-Help

Pages: 136

MRP: 395/-

Ah! A book again which deals with all the daily life problems, situations and challenges! Maybe it's just a coincidence that in this period of a few months I have read books which have been of the same genre and the same pattern! And when I say pattern what I mean is the way authors these days organise their books. I feel that books these days in modern times are way more helpful in an organised way than before. These books target the specific sections of the problems, or questions which are unanswered. Well, before I hop on to the book and what I feel about it I wish to introduce the author. The author of this book is Meera Gandhi.

Meera Gandhi is a humanitarian, philanthropist, social activist, mother, businesswoman and mental wellness advocate who divides her time between New York City, London, Mumbai, Dubai and Hong Kong. Meera is the author of two books currently in publication.

3 Tips: The Essentials for Peace, Joy and Fulfilment and The Giving Back Coffee Table Book. She has received several awards and has recognition for her work worldwide.

The book as its named, has three major sections to it, relating and discussing the specific areas namely work, life and on self. Each of the sections has a subsection wherein the discussed problems and situations are. What I liked the most about this book was how specifically the problems are discussed and that too in a relatable way.

The questions and situations, also the challenges faced are well mentioned and discussed. Each paragraph is simply explained in a way to help them understand and connect with itself. One of the advantages I found while reading this book was, you don’t need to actually start from the first chapter, you can easily navigate to the area of requirement, whether it's talking about self, or taking decisions at work or other complexities. It also makes it easy to re-read a specific area of interest once you have completed the book. It’s a plus point for the book, which actually makes readers go back to the book. I say so because, the points mentioned are well written, the language is super easy, a person who finds it hard to understand when too much of things are fed in English would also be comfortable with it. I would now like to mention a few things that caught my eye, while I was going through these sections, the section “On Work” has a chapter/ sub section wherein the author has mentioned about resolving conflicts - here the methods were so simple that usually people don’t pay attention to them! It is easy and it shouldn’t be something of a problem to deal with, and another one was keeping the goal realistic, well, it’s some or the other time everyone’s problem that they face, that is having a realistic goal, one may always consider things to be done, and boost his or her efficiency, portfolio etc, but not always the situation or timing can catch up with the deadline. So this chapter can guide you with it. There were several moments while reading the book, wherein I realised that the answers to several situations in our life are very easy, but someone just needs to answer them in an organised way and present it to us.

So on that note I would like to summarise all things about this book. I would say it’s more like a question and answer guide to real life situations. The name of the book may refer to those as tips, but it is way more precise and brief. A good option to re-read when you feel confused about situations. Easy, Effective and organised!


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