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What led to the downfall of Lord Indra? Book Review.

Indra: The Rise and fall of a hero.

Author: Utkarsh Patel

Published by: Rupa Publications

Genre: Mythological Fiction

Pages: 295

MRP: Rs. 395/-

Thank you @rupapublications for the media copy.

Indra. The public perception of the god is not very great, it? Well, the story of why that is , is something to read about. And this book provides exactly that. Even though the author has done his due diligence while researching for the book, not enough material exists for him to write a complete work about Indra, so a large amount of the book has been fictionalised, with most of the elements from the original texts , retained. All the good and the controversial parts of Indra’s life, whether it be the incident with Ahalya or the defeat to Meghnad, has been written about.

It is structured into three parts: The Birth, The Rise, and The Fall, and it begins from the beginning to pique the reader's curiosity. I thought the first half was the best because of the dilemma and dynamics, which really stood out to me. The second section got off to a great start, and it was really well written and explored how Indra rose to power as a result of many events. I was fascinated by the different episodes the author described that shaped the plot, even though I had a general understanding of Hindu scripture and history.

The writing is brilliant, no complaints in that department, even the world building was on point. Though we all already know what led to the downfall of this hero. His pride and arrogance, I would have liked it if some other areas would have been explored too.


1. Plot : 3.5/5

2. Character Development/Arcs: 3.5/5

3. Language/Writing Style: 4/5

4. Enjoyment Factor: 3/5

Keetabi Keeda Rating: 3.5/5

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