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Rediscovering the Charm of Chetan Bhagat's 'Two States' - A Retrospective Review

I recently revisited Chetan Bhagat's "Two States" and was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it, more than a decade after its initial release.

Over the years, Chetan Bhagat has received a lot of criticism for his writing style and lack of literary merit. However, as a blogger who is passionate about reading and reviewing books, I believe that Bhagat's books have their own unique charm and appeal to a wide range of readers.

"Two States" tells the story of Krish and Ananya, who come from different cultural backgrounds and fall in love. The novel explores the cultural differences between Punjabis and Tamilians and the challenges that the couple faces in their relationship due to these differences. Bhagat's writing is simple, yet engaging, and he has a way of creating characters that readers can relate to and empathize with.

I particularly enjoyed how Bhagat used humour to address serious issues, such as cultural stereotypes and prejudices. His writing is both entertaining and thought-provoking, and he has an innate ability to capture the essence of modern Indian society.

As a book blogger, I believe that every book has its own value and should be judged on its own merits. While Bhagat's writing style may not appeal to everyone, I believe that his books have their own unique appeal and should not be dismissed outright. "Two States" is a well-crafted novel that explores themes of love, culture, and family in a way that is both entertaining and insightful.

In conclusion, if you haven't read "Two States" yet, I would highly recommend giving it a chance. It may surprise you, and you might find yourself enjoying it more than you initially thought. And as always, keep reading and exploring different genres and authors to broaden your horizons as a reader.


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