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Finding Authentic Love in the Social Media Era: A Review of 'Closer to Love' by Vex King

Closer to Love: How to Attract the Right Relationships and Deepen Your Connections

Author: Vex King


Published by Pan Macmillan India

Pages: 304

MRP: Rs 599/-

Thank you @panmacmillanindia for a review copy of the book!

When it comes to relationships, the questions have always been tough and on a personal level very complex to keep up with the situation that one faces or the situation he doesn’t know how to handle. And particularly in a world where there is so much of an influence on social media and how the world looks at you. When it comes to your social presence, relationships can be a bit hard to maintain and the standards of having a good relationship seemed to be a bit hyped up, not necessarily, Those must be the right standard that one must follow everyone’s way and everyone’s approach to love themselves, their partner or at all to react to someone who is around them is always different.

Certain standards set by social media or the ones that are fed into our minds by our peers can sometimes be harmful for a person living in a good relationship with everything or worse for a person who is trying to catch up with all these things. Well, it is not a new thing or it is not also a simple thing that can be solved by just talking out what one needs to understand, how things are actually going to happen or how things are in reality, and how the approach is! If you are someone who is facing this kind of problem, well the book “closer to love” by Vex King is the book for you! Before we hop into the book, let’s talk about the author,Vex King is the Number 1 Sunday Times Bestselling author of Good Vibes, Good Life, and Healing is the New High.

He is also a social media content creator and mind coach. He experienced many challenges when he was growing up: his father died when Vex was just a baby, his family were often homeless and he grew up in troubled neighbourhoods where he regularly experienced violence and racism. Despite this, Vex successfully turned his whole life around and is now leading a revolution for the next generation of spiritual seekers.As a major voice in the world of personal development, Vex shares deep spiritual knowledge in a way that's easy to understand, with stories from his own life, great inspirational quotes and practical solutions.(Source : Good reads ) A book which is very simple to read and understand, chalks out every possibility of what love is, how to increase it, how to make things better and what are the key insights that one must keep into his mind while trying out this process.

The bookhas been divided into three sections or parts where each section has its own topic to talk about. When we talk about the parts, the author has constructed the book on the following parts, the self – mastering the role you play within your connections, part two, which is together – how to foster meaningful and mindful relationships with others, which talks about love – the fundamentals of authentic and unconditional love. And within these parts, the book goes on talking on how one can create stronger relationships and love themselves or love yourself deeply. After going through this book, I believe that the author has put a lot of effort and research into the understanding of people and what real problems are around the world. I believe this is a practical guide, not only which would help people to understand what the reality is, what the problems are, and how they can actually develop a clear and concise image of their role in maintaining the connections, not only with their partners, but also with themselves.

The fact that the world is getting more and more on the separate site in terms of emotions, feelings and building relationships together, I believe that people who are genuinely attracted to the fact that they can build their relationship which can sustain not only to the decade and or towards the end of their life, would feel that this book is The one that checks out every facts or every fundamental thing that can be implemented, or that should be eliminated from their relationships, from their heart, or in general out of their life.

To summarise whatever I feel about this book, I believe that this book is a must read for everyone, not only for someone who is trying to get out of the problems in terms of relationships or connections in his life. But also for someone who is yet to enter this area or the face of his life. This book would not only give you a clear idea of what’s going to happen and what are the real situations based into a practical life. It would also give you a good display of what an ideal, lovable and passionate life is. If I had to describe this book in three words, those would be ideal, practical and guided.And I appreciate him for having the picture of the dog, definitely these cuties teach us more about love and relationship. Kudos to the author.

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