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Be You. Now! - Practical Wisdom and Techniques for Self-Discovery and Personal Growth

Be You. Now! Redefine your approach to life

Author: Sagar Makwana

Genre: Self-Help

Published by Fingerprint Books

Pages: 265

MRP: Rs. 249/-

Thank you Fingerprint Books for the review copy of the book

Be You. Now! is a self-help book that provides practical wisdom and powerful techniques to

help individuals navigate the uncertain world we live in. The book is all about finding oneself

and letting your capabilities speak instead of hiding them in a closet. Let’s first talk about the

author. Sagar Makwana is an entrepreneur by profession, and a speaker and coach by

passion.His active participation in the world of coaching began after acquiring his Master’s

Diploma in Training from IATD Chennai in 2019. Since then, he has passionately involved

himself in his journey to bring about change by spreading positivity. He even launched his

own signature course, “Let’s Love Living”, in 2020 that has impacted more than three

hundred people so far. The program is designed around a set of activities that helps

participants to tap into the power of their subconscious mind.

A firm believer in the power of introspection and self-awareness, Sagar likes to make people uncomfortable with thought-provoking questions. Lets now dive into the book. The book is quite an easy read with 10 chapters talking about different types of topics, which one would need to understand to change themselves and bring a change to their life by practically applying the advice given.

The book goes on talking about topics like, Time management and understanding yourself,

the comfort zone and connecting the dots to make it circle. These topics bring about and

discuss the certain things that one must need to understand in order to bring changes in

them like managing time and personally, understanding the capacities of oneself and then

not only trying to put efforts without understanding but connecting certain things that would

help to make it a complete product. These 10 chapters not only tell you what needs to be

done, but it also lets you understand and imply on how one must do this. Because the

objective of this book is to make one who is lost from his oneself, realise what is capabilities

are and how we can find oneself to actually get into the driving seat of his life, and bring

changes which would not only help him to be a successful person, but also make him a

happier and productive being.

While going through the book, I realised that the book not only provides theoretical information about the subject, but also provides diagrams and charts which make the representation of the same, easier to understand. Although the language of the book is very easy, inclusion of such kinds of things make a person's understanding a bit easier. I appreciate the author for including such illustrations and re-presentation, it makes it easier to remember. The chapter summaries, at the end of each one is great because it gives a clear and concise revision of what the chapter actually wishes to tell you, it also acts as a guide, and one can always refer to such summaries whenever they find themselves in a

situation of confusion of thought. I would say that this book would act as a guide to people

who are finding it difficult to know their boundaries, probabilities, strengths, and the process

in which they need to act to change themselves to find and attain goals.

To summarise, I would say that the book covers all the problems or situations faced by a person who is under the process of changing themselves, bringing the good out of themselves or even trying to find the weeds out of the situations, which have been an obstacle to his growth. One of The quotes, which is actually a proverb mentioned in the book Will always be in my mind when I am stressing about something. The quote or the problem goes as follows, “ stress is you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are.” To describe the book in three words, those would be – simple, impactful and practical.

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